8 Great Tips for Year-Round Romance

What’s better for inspiring romance than turning up the volume of romantic décor in your home? Incorporate a few of the following eight tips into your home, and we’re certain you’ll be happy with the result!

  1. Soft, Muted Neutrals

Color that shifts only slightly, in similar shadings, exudes a quiet, romantic elegance that is easy to love.

  1. Red Sea

Red Sea
Mohawk Hardwood
On the contrary, red is sharp, sophisticated and energizing in rooms of all shapes and sizes—perfect for making a big, bold impact.

  1. Authentic Glamour

Instead of using wooden side tables by the bed, pick up a few genuine leather trunks to use instead. Top the trunks with real crystal lamps and vases for extra glitz. Add real flowers to the vases for a fresh touch.

  1. Stage a Show

Stage a Show
Shaw Hardwood
Create striking drama with draped valences or a bed canopy in a warm hue or elegant print. The soft lines of the canopy will add to the romance of the space, and serve as a nice complement to the rigid structure of metal and wooden bed frames.

  1. Va-Va-Velvet

Shaw Hardwood
Velvet is perfect for adding some easy romance to any room in your home. Use velvet in low traffic areas, and remember that velvet looks great on rigid chairs and tables as well as curvy cushioned furniture.

  1. Lace

Lace is another romantic addition to any room. Lace pillows, curtains, and even wallpapers add an instant dreamy feel to any décor. Create a similar feel for the floor with a lace-like patterned carpet.

  1. Brass

Brass metals, lacquers and other high-gloss accessories are perfect for complementing the soft, curvy surfaces that are common to romantic spaces.

  1. Natural Elements

Natural Elements
Shaw Hardwood
Bring in wood and stone to really tie the romantic look together, and to incorporate a bigtrends—natural materials. Check out Carpetland USA’s selection of beautiful hardwood flooring, stone backsplashes, and other raw materials for some inspiration.
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