Change Your Kitchen’s Atmosphere

For many people, the kitchen is the gathering place. A place where families share time at the beginning and end of the day, where friends relax after a long week of work, where parents teach their children the art of the grilled cheese.
Because we spend so much time in the kitchen, it’s important that the space reflects our wants and needs. Unfortunately, kitchen remodels can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. At Carpetland USA, we’re in the business to help you transform your home to fit both you and your budget.
Here are some easy, less expensive ways to update and upgrade your kitchen.
Hardware: Painting cabinets or installing new ones can be very costly. Instead, update the hardware. New knobs, handles, and faucets can change the look of your existing cabinets and sinks. The best part? You have more options than ever before. Pick a style, pick a finish, pick a material, and see the difference it makes!
Backsplash: Trying to paint around bulky appliances and in tiny spaces can be time consuming and frustrating. Instead, brighten up your kitchen with a backsplash! Backsplashes allow you to add color, texture, and style to your space in a unique way. If you need inspiration, come talk with us at Carpetland USA and visit our Pinterest page. We have experience installing backsplashes and would love to help you with this easy way of transforming your kitchen.
Start Small: Organizational tricks, linens, flowers, and art are simple ways to get started on your kitchen renovation. If you’re short on counter space, think up! DIY storage and organizational shelves can make your kitchen so much more functional, freeing you to use that extra space for fresh flowers or a statement pitcher. We’ve got some ideas for you on our Home Organization Pinterest board!
Whether you change everything in one swoop or make minor adjustments over time, always remember that your kitchen should be your space! A place where you can be comfortable and enjoy the company of those around you.
If you need any help trying to stay organized, adding a backsplash, or if you’re ready to take your kitchen remodel to the next level with new floors, come to Carpetland USA!

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