It’s Okay If You’re Not a Pro

Chip and Joanna Gaines and the Property Brothers create masterpieces in just one hour on HGTV. Inspiring. Innovative. For most of us – impossible!
YouTube and Pinterest have made DIY projects much easier than ever before. At Carpetland USA, we encourage creativity but we also know there are times when it’s just not smart to do it yourself. Here are a few examples:
Electrical work – Unless you’re simply flipping the switch of the circuit breaker, please do not attempt to wire or re-wire anything on your own. Call an expert electrician for any work you need done. If you try to DIY, you’ll be shocked at the damage you can do to your entire home’s electrical work and, potentially, yourself.
Windows – You live in the Midwest. That means you know how unpredictable the weather can be, from intense heat to bone-chilling cold. Properly insulated windows can save you tons of money, so if you’re ready to replace the ones you have just call in a pro. Specialized tools and methods are required to securely install new windows.
Floors – Floors are tricky. Without proper tools to stretch, cut, and lay your new material, you could leave your room looking incomplete. Not to mention the unexpected circumstances that might arise when tearing up the old floor, the clean-up, and debris removal. With something so prominent, it’s best to leave it up to the experts.
There’s always a silver lining, though. If you’re ready for a new floor, come to Carpetland! We’ll let your creativity guide us so your project is just how you imagined it.
What’s more? We offer free measures and estimates so you’ll know how to properly prepare for your project. Once we’ve completed the measurement, we’ll give you $50 off your flooring purchase, too!
Leave your flooring projects up to Carpetland. We’ve seen the smiles of satisfied customers who take pleasure in letting us do it ourselves!

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