The Best Kid-Proof Floors

Selecting new flooring for your home is no easy task, especially if you have children! With the constant activity children bring to your home, your floors see a lot of wear and tear. Wondering what flooring options are durable—and safe—enough to keep up with your kids? Let us help! Choosing kid-friendly flooring can help reduce […]

What Flooring is Best for Homes with Pets?

As a major feature in your home’s overall look and feel, you want to ensure you are choosing a flooring solution that best fits your lifestyle, including your pets! To aide you on your quest to find the perfect pet-friendly floor, here’s a list of good and bad flooring solutions to choose from: Great Flooring […]

Laying Down the Green: Environmentally Friendly Flooring

Going green is all the rage. From solar energy to hybrid cars, our world is making a conscious effort to go green and live a sustainable life. Learn to continue the green trend and bring sustainability into your home with these environmentally friendly floors. Bamboo Bamboo flooring is considered one of the most eco-friendly flooring […]

The top five flooring design trends of 2015

Just like fashion, flooring styles come and go. Gone are the days of wall-to-wall plush carpeting and peel-and-stick vinyl tile—thank goodness! It’s time to welcome the flooring of the future. Does your home’s flooring follow the latest and greatest trends? Check out the top five flooring design trends of 2015 and find out if your […]

The benefits of bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option when building new homes or renovating old ones. With its durable and sustainable nature, bamboo is the perfect flooring solution for homeowners that are looking for quality and affordability. Learn more about the benefits of bamboo flooring and find out why it has become THE floor of choice. […]