Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Your Floors

Want to keep your floors looking great throughout the years? Follow our quick tips for cleaning and maintaining your floors the right way!

  1. Lately, we’ve seen a rise in the number of individuals using their own homemade cleaning products. While creating your own cleaning products is a fun DIY task, we recommend only using cleaning products and tools suggested by your flooring manufacturer. Following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions will ensure that your product warranty remains in good standing, and decreases your chances of accidentally damaging your flooring
  1. When it comes to carpeting, always be cautious about shampooing your carpeting on your own. When individuals shampoo their own carpeting, excess shampoo and water tends to be left on the carpet, which attracts more dirt and decreases the lifespan of the carpeting. Carpetland USA recommends having your carpets professionally cleaned with a hot water extraction system once every two months
  1. When it comes to carpet stains, remember to always blot away your stains—never rub. If treated immediately, you will be able to remove the stain from the carpet by blotting; rubbing will push the stain further into the carpeting, making it more difficult to remove
  1. For hard surface flooring, a damp, soft-bristled mop or broom is all it takes to keep your flooring clean. When removing stains from hard surface flooring, steer away from cleaning agents that inject humidity and heat into your floor—like steam cleaners. Heat and humidity can cause your flooring to expand rapidly, resulting in warped and disfigured floorboards

For additional floor cleaning questions or concerns, contact Carpetland USA today—or stop by your local CUSA to talk with us about your flooring needs. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and promise to point you in the right direction when it comes to safe cleaning products and techniques!

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