2020 Trend to Watch: Wallpaper

If you bought a house in the ‘80s and 90’s, you were almost guaranteed to have at least one room covered in wallpaper. Once we entered the 21st Century, homeowners began moving away from the trend and began utilizing paint to achieve their desired aesthetic. And as history has a way of repeating itself, now more homeowners and interior decorators are switching back to wallpapering any and every room in their home.

One of the reasons many people got away from wallpapering their homes was because of how difficult and tedious it can be to remove, should you want to redecorate your space. Luckily, now there are many peel and stick and self-adhesive options that can be removed with nothing more than a mild soap and water. And it’s more accessible than ever, with big box retailers like Target having pages of peel and stick patterns to choose from – making it a great weekend DIY project.

Explore how to incorporate 2020’s hottest trend in your home below!


  1. Kid’s Room


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Instagram influencer, lifestyle blogger and mommy, Lauren Garcia (@whatlolalikes), used wallpaper to give her three-year-old daughter a room makeover with this unique rainbow peel and stick design!


2. Master Bathroom




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Kristen Mayfield (@kristen.mayfield), an interior photographer out of Nashville, showcased this chic design that added a subtle backdrop behind a statement making sink.

3. The Guest Room


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Want your wallpaper to be the talk of the town? Take a page from House of Hooper’s (@thehouseofhooper) book and wrap your walls in a statement piece, like this!


4. The “Cloffice” (closet + office)




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Blogger Brooke Christen (@nestingwithgrace) loves designing small spaces and finding a use for every nook and cranny, which is why her followers are obsessed with her “cloffice” designs (turning an unused closet into an office space). This is the perfect example of how a little can go a long way!


5. Laundry Room




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Even your dirty clothes deserve a nice place to rest. This laundry room from @thefarafix shows how wallpaper can easily make a room pop with just a little bit of texture.


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