Fun, Mess-Making Projects the Whole Family Will Enjoy

With the kiddos home since March, you’re probably running out of “fun” things to keep their attention at home. Let’s be honest, you’re probably getting restless too – and who could blame you?

While we won’t be running to the public pools this summer, we can get creative with what we have laying around (or, what Amazon can deliver to our house ?).

Now that the weather is nice, give your house a break and make some messes outside with our DIY mess-making projects below!


Sidewalk chalk paint.

All you need is cornstarch, hot water, food coloring, and plastic squirt bottles to make some eye-catching driveway art. You’ll be known as the Picasso of your block in no time! Instructions & recipe can be found here.


Snow cone syrup.

Wash those plastic squirt bottles after the sidewalk chalk paint, but don’t put them away just yet because you can use them to recreate a summer snack staple right at home – the snow cone. It only takes sugar, water and Kool-Aid (toss in a couple of wet naps too for clean-up) to recreate this delicious treat. Instructions & recipe can be found here.


Ice block treasure hunt.

Sometimes you just want a minute to yourself but for that to happen, the kids need to entertain themselves – and this does just that! Grab some small, plastic toys that are laying around the house and gradually freeze them all into a big frozen block that your kids will have to chisel away at to find the “hidden” treasures. Instructions can be found here.


Food coloring tie-dye.

Get the big kids in on the fun, too! Summer’s hottest fashion trend is tie-dye so create your own crazy colored piece of clothing with things you already have laying around the house. You’ll need: food coloring, plastic squeeze bottles, rubber bands, clothes pins, water, a measuring cup, and gloves! Instructions and Amazon buy links can be found here.


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