A Little Green Goes a Long Way

Summer is finally here, and that means everything is green! The dewy grass and fragrant flowers can inspire anyone to go for a jog or take the family for a picnic. Mother nature has naturally decorated the outdoors for us to enjoy, but what about indoors? Have you brought the joy of summer into your home? Well now is the time, and Carpetland USA is here to help! Check out these tips to transform your living space into your own blossoming oasis.
Perk up your wall space with a wreath. Wreaths look great on a front door for the holidays, but did you know that a wreath can freshen up your walls all year round? Try a floral wreath above the bed as a fresh focal piece, or add it to a gallery wall to mix up shapes and textures. A wreath can help liven up a room without taking up floor or table space, making it the perfect solution for small spaces!
Build a terrarium. Succulents are all the rage right now, and a terrarium is a great way to put them on display. These little tabletop gardens are low maintenance, pretty to look at, and can be customized to your taste! Whether you decide to pick one up at your local home and garden store or choose to make it yourself, a terrarium is a fun piece that would look great on a coffee table or desk.
Hang plants to save space. Do you have a small apartment or a tiny kitchen that needs some love from the outdoors? Try hanging your plants! Hanging plants give you the luscious green look you are going for without taking up your precious table or counter space. Macramé hangers, for example, are a unique, trendy way to hang your plants. They are fun to make and will fit any kind of planter that strikes your fancy.
Plant an herb garden right in your kitchen. Fresh herbs can be right at your fingertips with your own mini herb garden. Plant each herb in its own container, like a mason jar or mini flower pot, and use your creativity to decorate and label them. Different colored chalk paint on each planter makes for a whimsical display, and lets you label each pot with chalk or chalk pens. A mason jar looks great sitting on a shelf or catching light in a windowsill. However you decide to plant it, a personal herb garden in your kitchen is a fun and functional way to bring the outdoors into your home.
Are you looking for more ways to greenify your home? Check out our Pinterest boards for even more outdoor inspiration!

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