Decorate With Your Pet in Mind

When personalizing your home, it’s important to think about how your decor will suit every person in the house, including the four-legged ones! At Carpetland USA, we’ve got lots of tips to help you keep your style pet-friendly.

  1. Use area rugs with patterns.

No one likes to get the vacuum cleaner out every time Mr. Whiskers walks across the floor. Try incorporating patterned non-slip area rugs into your decor, and you’ll be surprised how little you’ll feel the need to clean. Whether your style is whimsical or traditional, there are lots of patterns out there that will help hide the everyday fur and soil that come with any pet.

  1. Dress up your walls with paint instead of wallpaper.

We love our pets, but wallpaper and pets do not mix. Dogs will shake, cats will scratch, and any dog with jowls will fling drool all over the place with just a shake of the head. The bottom line is that pets are dirty, and cleaning wallpaper is a bigger hassle than it’s worth. If you prefer the wallpaper look, try painting unique patterns or colors onto the wall with washable semi-gloss paint. You’ll still get that unique look you want, without headache.

  1. Get creative when displaying breakables.

Collectibles are great to have, but hard to keep when you have pets around. If you have a collection of antique plates, for example, try hanging them on the wall instead of displaying them on a shelf or table. This way, you have an interesting focal point and avoid losing priceless pieces to a wagging tail or climbing cat.

  1. Save cleaning time with durable flooring.

Since your furry friends spend most of their time on the floor, having durable flooring is an absolute must. Just make sure you pick out a floor that is right for both your lifestyle and your pet’s. Smooth surfaces like laminate and vinyl are easier to clean, but might be harder on older pets with weaker joints. If you prefer carpet, go for a stain resistant carpet that is less likely to snag, like textured or twist.
At Carpetland USA, we want you to rest easy knowing your furry friend is happy and your home is taken care of. Come see us for the right pet-friendly flooring options for you, and visit our Pinterest page for more decorating tips!

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