Caring for your Floors in the Winter

Do not wait until the first snow to start your preparation for winter! There are many quick and easy ways to protect your floors from ice and snow and it is never too early to start.

First, try to dust and vacuum a few times per week to fight dust mites.  Dust mites are at their peak during the late summer. Every 18 months or so, it is a great idea to get your carpets professionally cleaned. Professional carpet cleaners will get all the dirt and grime stuck in your carpets that a regular vacuum cannot reach. During the spring and summer months, always make sure you are using the appropriate cleaner for hardwood floors. Household cleaners can damage and discolor wood floors.  Visit Carpetland USA’s Floor Care & Stain Guide to avoid harming your floors. Clean up spills immediately to prevent stains on your floors.

A great way to avoid loose salt and dirt from entering your home is by doubling up on floor mats. Place a mat inside and outside of every major entrance so visitors can leave their dirty winter boots off your brand-new carpet or hardwood floor. Non-slip, high-quality mats can be pricey but are worth it to preserve your floors by absorbing snow. Placing rugs in high-traffic areas can also help your floors from wearing down.

If you have cats or dogs, keep a towel by the door to wipe off your pet’s paws before they come inside. This is an easy way to prevent your pet from tracking dirt and snow inside. Lastly, designate a spot by the door for people to leave dirty winter shoes.

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