Fall Into Cozy Spaces

The idea of a “cozy” home has particular appeal now, as we’ve entered the fullness of the fall season. Yet, the process of “cozying” one’s space remains baffling for some.
Fortunately, Carpetland USA is here to help you figure it out—with three things that will help you make your home feel warm and relaxed.

  1. Comfortable Furniture

Comfortable furniture is key to a cozy home, and there are a few items in particular that add extra cheer.
Shaw Hardwood
Shaw Hardwood Flooring
First, pick chairs and couches with comfortable cushions. Next, add ottomans. Ottomans make it easy to “lie down” anywhere. Place one or two in every room so you, your family and your guests can put your feet up whenever the mood strikes.
More Shaw Hardwood
Shaw Hardwood Flooring
Finally, place throw pillows and blankets within reach of your couches and chairs. Pillows and blankets make it easy to cozy up while watching a movie, reading a book, or enjoying time with family and friends.

  1. Soft Lighting

Here’s a new rule for your new, cozy space: no bright lighting!
Shaw Carpet
Shaw Carpet
Soft, diffused lighting is not only easier on the eyes, but also softens harsh lines for a more pleasing effect overall. And, it also hides minor imperfections on people’s skin—making it a win-win everyone in the room.

  1. Warm Flooring

Our last tip for creating a cozy space will make your feet very happy!
Flooring that looks and feels warm, and is warm to the touch, will do wonders for making your home more inviting.
Carpet, hardwood and vinyl are almost always a good temperature, and a joy to walk on. To make hard-surface spaces like wood and vinyl even warmer, add an area rug, like the Shaw area rug pictured below.
Warm Flooring
If you’re a tile lover, don’t be dismayed—tile can be warm looking if you pick a warm color. Furthermore, the advent of radiant heat has done wonders for making tile floors as warm and luxurious as you want them. Plus, a radiant heating system doesn’t cost as much as you think—especially for smaller spaces like some kitchens and bathrooms.
For more tips on creating a cozy space—or any kind of space—visit the Carpetland USA nearest you.

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