The Newest Rage: Luxury Vinyl Tile

(2) ALP610_Heritage_Buckskin_RSLuxury vinyl flooring has risen in popularity with homeowners over the past few years—and for good reason! Offering great value and unbeatable benefits, luxury vinyl tile is designed to help homeowners build a space that inspires.

Life proof solution
Luxury vinyl tile is remarkably resilient and offers homeowners a practical, durable flooring option. Completely water resistant, luxury vinyl tile is designed to protect your home against all of life’s liquid mishaps, including spills, leaks and other unplanned messes. This flooring is also highly durable for homes with large pets and high-traffic areas like living rooms and basements.
DIY installation
Thanks to its snap and lock technology, luxury vinyl tile is a breeze to install and can even be installed without professional help. While installation is easy, it is important to ensure that the substrate you apply the flooring to is in top condition; the substrate should be cleaned, primed, leveled and of suitable material. As always, if you are unsure on how to install your flooring, contact a professional for assistance—like Carpetland USA!

Budget friendly
Luxury vinyl tile gives you the look and feel of nature’s best materials at a price you can afford. New printing and photographic technology now allows luxury vinyl flooring to be made to authentically mimic both the look and feel of real wood and stone products. With superior affordability and authentic design capabilities, no flooring is out of reach.
Simple cleaning
Damp mopping is the only recommended cleaning method for luxury vinyl tile. Because it is water resistant, you’ll never have to worry about over-washing or even having to dry your floor after a cleaning.
No mater your lifestyle, there’s a luxury vinyl floor for you! Carpetland USA wants to help you find the perfect flooring solution—visit our website to look at our luxury vinyl flooring selection and take the first step in creating a home that inspires.

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