Finance Your Flooring: How to Pay

Are you ready for new flooring? Let our flooring experts help you design the right space for you to live and relax. Now, how are you going to invest in the space? Are you familiar with financing for your flooring? Financing is a powerful tool. 

How to Afford New Flooring

As you consider the flooring that fits your lifestyle and your space, make sure you speak with a member of our team about financing offers that are available at our Carpetland store. Financing your flooring gives you buying power and convenient payment options, so you can purchase the floor you have always wanted on the terms that make sense and work for you.

Choose Your Floors 

Renovating your home’s flooring can be a complicated process. There are so many decisions that need to be made. From picking out what type of flooring works best in your kitchen, bathroom or living room, to ensuring the installation goes smoothly. 

installation of your floor

Finance Your Way

Flooring is a large investment you will make in your home. It defines your style, adds comfort and increases the value of your home. By financing your flooring instead of using a high-interest credit card, you can invest in the flooring of your dreams. 

Once you’ve accomplished the heavy lifting of deciding what flooring to choose for which space, all that is left to begin enjoying your new flooring is to figure out the best way to pay for your flooring renovation project. Financing flooring can be easy with some help and guidance from flooring experts.  

How We Can Help

If you need to secure funding and financing for your flooring renovation project, be sure to discuss your options with us. We have experience working with customers and can share valuable information and insight on the best ways to proceed with securing financing for your new floors. Come visit us in our showroom to begin the process and learn more about our financing options. You can also help start the process on our website with our financing application.

financing - enjoy your space

Enjoy Your Space

There is nothing better than new floors. New flooring is a great way to switch things up. Depending on the size of the rooms and the materials you chose, it is a simple way to bring new life to an old room. And, new flooring can increase the value of your home and appeal to potential buyers looking for a property that doesn’t require a lot of work to be move-in-hand.

If you’re ready to tackle new flooring at your home, see how we can help you get an idea of what your project will cost. Our experts can help you get the most accurate estimate, to include materials and installation.

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