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New laminate flooring is reaching out to you, but have you embraced it yet?
If you haven’t, you’re truly missing out! Why? Because laminate flooring has come a long way as a wood- and stone-flooring substitute with striking realism and authenticity, replicating wood and stone styles and finishes across the flooring spectrum. It’s one of 2012’s biggest remodeling trends—and, it’s still very inexpensive when compared to other hard-surface flooring types.
Wood-Look Laminate
Wood Look Laminate
Mixed Plank, Wood-Look Laminate

Wood-look laminate comes in planks, strips—even parquet tiles. Pick just one size, style and color to use throughout the room to create a classic hardwood look. Or, mix it up! Vary the size and shade throughout the room to create drama that suits nearly any style of décor.
Stone-Look Laminate
Stone Look Laminate
Stone-Look Laminate

Stone-look laminate is equally striking. For a room with plenty of natural light, consider a darker floor. Or, if natural light is scarce, you can easily brighten up any room in your house by selecting a lighter hue.
The Best Part
The Best Part
Laminate Flooring is Easy to Maintain!

The best part about choosing a laminate floor is its ease of maintenance. Thanks to its hardy composition and durable wear layer, scuffs and scratches are rarely a problem. Spills clean up easily with a little water and a towel, and there’s never any need to wax or varnish a laminate floor.
That makes laminate flooring perfect for summer and sandy, wet feet—or your little one’s popsicle drippings.
So, what are you waiting for? Check out Carpetland USA’s laminate product catalog online, or stop by one of our many locations to fall in love with laminate in person.

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