Functional Meets Luxury

You spend time in your bathroom every morning and every night. You would probably change at least one thing about the space, but certain barriers prevent you from taking the first step. Don’t worry, Carpetland USA can help you elevate your blah bathroom to a spa bathroom!
Map it out. There are certain aspects of your bathroom that are fairly stationary. Pipes, for example. So, before you begin any major renovation to this space, consider different layouts and draw them out. Once you’ve done that, act it out. Imagine getting ready in the morning with the vanity lower or higher, or your towel rack in a different spot. It will help you envision the most functional space for you!
Light it up. Too often people underestimate how much light they need in their bathroom. Proper lighting is essential in a space where you’ll be getting ready for your day! Plan for too much lighting and install a dimmer. Having your light on a continuum means when you’re in the bathtub after a long day, you can relax in soft lighting. That’s the luxury part.
Store it away. If you’re like most people, you have a lot of ‘stuff’ in your bathroom! Having space in your closet or installing a vanity is essential. Consider this early on in your planning and designing so you don’t end up with shaving cream next to hairspray next to the extra towel on the back of your toilet.
Bring it on down. Here’s where we come in! At Carpetland USA, we can help you choose a beautiful bathroom floor that’s right for you (functional). We don’t stop there, though. We have the capability to install incredible tile for walk-in showers and backsplashes, too (luxury)! Between our tile, stone, and luxury vinyl options, you’ll be amazed at the difference we can make in your bathroom redesign. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our customer installations on our Pinterest page.
While other parts of your home are about community with family and friends, your bathroom is a place of relaxation and privacy. Come visit us at Carpetland USA. We’ll walk you through the process of choosing the right floor for you. You’ll be one step closer to relaxing in your functional, luxurious bathroom!

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