Wood You Do It?

Interior designers tell us it’s important to have a wow factor in every room. It can be anything from a light fixture, to a piece of furniture, to an interesting painting, or even a wall! A few years ago, it was extremely common to create an accent wall using a bright bold color. Make no mistake, this is still a great look but the newest trend is applying flooring material to your wall.
That’s right. Put your floor on the wall!
We know it seems a little strange, but stay with us for a few more minutes.
A wooden accent wall can make your space feel rustic and cozy. It brings so much character into the room and you can make it as subtle or as amplified as you want! It’s not difficult to install, either.
The most popular products for statement walls are wood, laminate, or vinyl.
You can get all three options are Carpetland USA! Our hardwood inventory is very diverse. Hardwood brings warmth and value to your home, on the floor or on the wall.
One great benefit of laminate is the variety of patterns from which you can choose. If you’re not crazy about a grainy wood pattern on your wall, laminate is the way to go! You can choose patterns that mimic natural stone instead.
Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain and gives you even more patterned options than laminate! Ceramic? Stone? Wood grain? You got it!
If you’ve got questions about accenting your space wi th a wooden-like wall, come to Carpetland USA! We’re happy to talk you through the entire process.
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