Just Relax!

There’s a world of information available on the many reasons why we all need to take a moment to chill out. As a society, we’re living increasingly fast-paced lives, and that’s why it’s incredibly important not only to make time for relaxation, but also – to make space for relaxation.

Stone Creek House

Creating a relaxing space is easy when you know what kinds of décor have been proven to reduce stress. So, take a moment, and a deep breath, to read the stress-busting best practices we’ve outlined below.

  1. Calming Colors

Both designers and psychologists alike agree that blues and greens have the most calming effects. Blues, for example, are very soothing, while different shades of green help to balance mood. Sage green is said to be particularly kindly, and is used in hospitals, test centers, and television stations to ease nerves and assuage harsh emotions.
Calming Colors
Calming Blue Living Room
Green Room
Mood-Balancing Green Shades

  1. Less is More

Clutter is directly proportional to peace of mind. The more cluttered your space is, the less peace you will find there.
Clutter Free
The Less Clutter, The Better
When creating a space to relax in, pick a comfy piece of furniture to sit or lie down on, add a few of your favorite things (perhaps a book or an electric tea kettle), and streamline any additional décor. Pick a few natural elements like flowers or shells to add—maybe even a water feature—and keep the rest of your décor to a minimum.

  1. Soft Textures

Soft textures will help to soften your mood. Consider soft carpeting for your space, or if you already have a ceramic or tile floor, purchase a cozy area rug to rest your feet on.
Area Rug
Cozy Area Rug
Don’t think there’s enough room in your home to create a space for the special purpose of relaxation? Think again! Pick a corner or convert a closet, and see how much you can do with the space that you have. Or, contact an expert at Carpetland USA to help you make the most of what you’ve got. The improvement in your everyday life will be well worth it.

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