Roomvo: the Ultimate Room Visualizer!

Want to visualize products in your space before they’re installed? Carpetland USA can help you picture how our products will look in your home with the help of Roomvo, the ultimate room visualizer that takes away the “Imagination Gap’ from the remodeling process. 

Users can access Roomvo in the lower right corner on any page of our website by clicking on the icon below:

From there, you can click “Browse All Products” to start searching! When it comes to choosing flooring from a small sample, customers have a hard time thinking about how it will look in their home. With Roomvo’s augmented reality, you can see flooring, countertops, wallpaper, art, and paint in your space before it comes to life! 




With just an image of your dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or any other living space, customers can test different surfaces to see what would most compliment the rest of their home. The color accuracy is unmatched and you can purchase your desired product with just a few clicks. You can even save your favorites and come back to them later! This unique digital visual is important for customers because it shows them the value of the product within their space. Don’t have a picture of your room? Try some of the demo rooms to get an idea of how the product will look in a sample space!



At Carpetland USA, we are dedicated to finding the best prices and value for your flooring needs. With Roomvo flooring product visualizer, you can see many of our products in your space and see what value it can bring right at your fingertips! Use Roomvo to browse some of our our best flooring brands to include hardwood, tile, vinyl, carpet, laminate, and more!


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