Why Waterproof Flooring for your Home?

Wondering what’s a good way to prepare your home for the winter and all the wet, icy messes it can bring? Waterproof floors are a great answer! Within the past few years, “waterproof” and “water-resistant” are buzzwords that consumers have brought up to retailers during the search for the perfect floor to fit their needs. Now more than ever, stellar water performance for flooring is a priority for customers’ flooring needs. On consumers’ priority lists, water performance falls within the top three most wanted attributes.

Floor Covering Weekly explains that the term “waterproof” implies other benefits as well. “Waterproof is possibly the most important performance attribute that resonates with the consumer because it conveys the message of ‘worry-proof’ flooring.” Waterproof floors meet the qualities of durability and longevity with low maintenance care. They can withstand the messy home activities, pet accidents, inclement weather, and more! 

Functionality is also another benefit of waterproof floors. Your family will really be able to “live” on your floors, while also satisfying color choice and price point. Waterproof flooring lends itself to open floor plans because it can be installed in various places of your home and fight back any messy activity! They are perfect for busy entryways where water and mud can be tracked in. They are easier to install than ceramic or stone with real wood, tile, and stone looks. While looking sleek in your home, waterproof floors are more quiet underfoot than most hard surfaces! 

When selecting waterproof flooring for your home, consider the thickness, wear-layer, and installation method. Avoid wide planks if your subfloor isn’t perfectly even. At Carpetland, we are here to help you find the right waterproof flooring option for you with our variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Our Easy Choice Collection makes it easy for you to find our best in-stock options as we help you along the way! 

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