Transforming Your Commercial Office Space

After the pandemic dismantled in-office work culture, as a business manager, you still may be wondering how to get people back to work in the office. You have to remember that like technology, the workplace is constantly updating and adapting, too.

It’s time to get creative. Sometimes you just have to make the old new again.

Reevaluate Work Areas

Private offices. Cubicles. Open floor plans. Workspace trends come and go because there are benefits and shortcomings to all types of office space designs. The most important question is: what works best for your business? It’s a great question to ask and evaluate carefully. The answer may not look like other offices in your building or across town. And it likely looks different than it did before 2020. If you’re struggling to find a way to get people to come back to work in the office, now is the perfect time for that evaluation.

Many businesses that operate in office spaces today are now supporting different work styles to enhance productivity and work culture. For some people, that private office space isn’t about job title, it’s being able to better concentrate on the work at hand. Closed conference rooms mean meetings can go on without disturbing others. Open work spaces that allow people to come and go and collaborate as needed. Nowadays, a workspace doesn’t have to be defined as a desk. How many of us spend our time on the couch with a laptop? Couches in the office (near electrical outlets and USB charging of course) mean comfort and increased productivity to many.

Going through this reevaluation process is a very effective way to create inviting spaces that make people excited to work in the office one, two, or even five days a week.

Upgrade Office Flooring

No remodel needed! One of the best investments you can make in your office space is a fresh flooring update. Reinvigorating your office space with brand-new flooring is as functional as it is decorative. The right flooring can add a new life to your workspace.

Today’s work environments are a mosaic of areas that empower people to thrive. And today’s commercial office flooring options are wide — modular carpet tile, performance broadloom carpet, LVT, engineered hardwood, sheet flooring, and entryway systems. And many are manufactured for smaller carbon footprint impact and for better indoor air quality.

Commercial Flooring Business Advantages

Commercial flooring offers numerous benefits for businesses across various industries. Commercial flooring is designed with durability in mind to withstand high foot traffic, heavy equipment, and frequent cleaning, ensuring it can meet the demands of a bustling environment. This reduces the need for frequent replacements, saving businesses money in the long run. The variety of designs and colors available also allows businesses to create a professional and welcoming atmosphere that aligns with their brand identity. In addition, some commercial flooring options are environmentally friendly, made from sustainable materials and offer energy-saving properties, contributing to a greener business image. With all these advantages, commercial flooring is a valuable investment for businesses seeking long-lasting, visually appealing, low-maintenance, and safe flooring solutions.

Work with the Professionals

Serving Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois, Carpetland USA is the perfect partner for all your commercial office projects. Your dedicated commercial flooring consultant can provide your projects high-quality, competitively priced commercial office flooring with a wide selection of national and signature brands. With decades of experience, we can help you with solutions for the modern workplace.

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