Why Choose Carpeting for Your Home? Here's why!

0020_carpetland_TAGAre you considering installing carpeting in your home? Good choice! While hard-surface floors are great, there are many unknown advantages in choosing to install carpeting in your home. So, what are these advantages, you ask? Keep reading to find out!

  1. Less expensive: Unlike hardwood or reclaimed wood, carpeting is a much more cost-effective investment. According to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), carpet not only costs less up front, but it also costs less over time to clean and maintain, and has proven to be a more cost-effective investment over its useful life.
  2. Improve insulation: Installing carpet in your home can help save energy, as carpet is an important contributor to your home’s overall insulation and indoor environment. The use of carpet in wall-to-wall installation increases the R-value (insulation level) of the carpeted area, cutting down utility costs while reducing overall energy use.
  3. Endless style: With hundreds of patterns, designs, colors and brands to choose from, the style possibilities of carpeting in your home are endless. With carpeting, you can create the exact environment you envision for your home, utilizing the decorative and textured elements carpeting brings.
  4. Improve air quality: Carpet fibers trap common household allergens, including dust, pollen and dander, and holds them until they can be properly removed. This means there are less allergens floating around your home—and your lungs.
  5. Minimize slips and falls: If you are accident prone, have fragile bones or are elderly, carpeting may be a better fit for your lifestyle. The extra cushion provided by carpeting will give your body a softer padding in the event of a fall.
  6. Softer acoustics: Carpet is an outstanding sound absorptive material. If you’re looking to keep the noise in your home to a minimum, installing carpeting is your best bet. Different types of carpeting result in different degrees of noise reduction, so be sure to do your research before making your final choice.
  7. Sustainability: New technologies are being introduced into the carpeting world, allowing old carpet to be recycled into new carpet or other useful products. Many major flooring companies, such as Shaw Floors and Mohawk Flooring, are advertising their desire to create beautiful floors that also help our environment, with floors that are sustainable, recycled and safe.

Carpetland USA wants to help you find the best carpeting for your home! Not sure which brand, style, design or color you’re interested in? Don’t worry—our highly-trained sales staff is here to help. Just stop by your local Carpetland USA to get started today.

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