Why It's Important to Take Your Shoes Off Indoors

You’re either the type of person that takes their shoes off every time they enter a home or you’re the type of person that only takes their shoes off to shower and sleep. While removing your shoes when you enter someone’s home is a cultural practice in nature, it turns out, it’s a healthy habit to develop.
take off shoes
Think about the places you walk on a daily basis. Whether it’s your morning bus commute or walking the dog when you return home, your shoes are exposed to a lot.
Pesticides, for example, can be brought into your home for as long as a week after the initial spray, according to an article on The Alternative Daily. If you’re playing with your kids or weeding the yard, those chemicals are on you and your shoes and you track them through the house if you don’t remove your shoes. Not only can you track chemicals into your home, but think about the germs. Bacteria is everywhere and you’re exposed to a lot by simply walking on the sidewalk. A stroll down the block can expose your footwear to everything from animal waste to human body fluids.
It Protects Your Floors
Not only does removing your shoes prevent unnecessary toxins and bacteria from entering your living space, but it’s also less stressful on your floors.
The more grip and traction your shoes have, the more opportunities you have to drag in sand, dirt, rocks, etc. These materials can damage your floors by scratching and staining, which could cause you to replace them sooner than you’d like. Lucky for you, the solution is simply—take off your shoes at the door!
It Protects Your Children
Where do you kids play? Often times, it’s crawling on the floor with their favorite toys. Kids are also notorious for putting things in their mouths that don’t belong there in the first place. Make sure they’re as safe as possible by removing shoes at or near the door so you’re not exposing them to harmful chemicals.
It Protects Your Feet
That seems a little backwards because we are used to protecting our feet with our shoes. Just as we need that barrier when walking around in public, it’s important to also give your feet a break and let them breathe. According to Porch.com, walking barefoot indoors can increase our balance, massage the whole foot and increase our muscular strength.
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