DIY Window Treatment & Insulating Ideas

For most of us, the biggest concern during the winter is keeping our homes warm. You can always stock up on fluffy blankets, scarves, and gloves, but the most effective method of warming your house is to insulate your windows for winter. We know that not all windows can simply be replaced, so we’ve created a list of ideas for insulating them on your own!

  1. Block any air leaks! Caulk inside and outside of your window to cover up any open areas causing drafts or breezes. Make sure to use weatherstripping on the sash, or wooden molds, of the window.
  2. Bundle your windows like you would your kids. Layer treatments over the windows. Dress your windows in heavier curtains and cellular shades (honeycomb shades) and dress your sliding glass doors in thick curtains as well.
  3. Stick to the classics, pun intended. You can always resort to good old-fashioned window film. Similar to cling wrap, window film is an incredibly easy material to utilize for extra protection against the cold. But be forewarned! You can usually see the film on the window, so if the look bothers you, opt for heavier curtains.

 Once you’ve insulated your windows, don’t forget to dress them up!

  1. Repurpose Bed Sheets. Take some old sheets and turn them into a beautiful ombre style for you or your children’s rooms. You just need a pair of scissors and an iron to create this designer look.
    Bed Sheets
  2. Stencil your own Design. Express yourself and make your own stencil with paper, scissors, and a pencil. Use the stencil to spray paint your design onto curtains of any fabric type. Another cool idea? Write out your favorite lyric or quote across burlap or muslin curtains with sharpie markers.
  1. Use Coffee Sacks! Grab some old coffee sacks from your local coffee shop or from the farmer’s market, and a pair of scissors to make an adorable coffee sack valence for the kitchen!

For more window décor ideas, check out our Design Trends board on Pinterest!

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