Why Remodel in the Winter?

Most people associate the best time to remodel a home with summer, spring, and fall; any other season besides winter is traditionally assigned the perfect time! But did you know there are several benefits of updating your home in the winter? Get inspired and read on to find out exactly why winter is the best time to do your dream home renovation!
Save, Save, Save.
Reduced prices are everywhere in the winter! Manufacturers are trying to clear their inventory for new spring products. Take advantage and purchase all of your major appliances, cabinets, and even chandeliers NOW!
Home Remodel
Your contractors are more flexible and available during this time.
Fearful that a renovation project would just drag on, as is common with summertime projects? Winter is a much less busy time of year for your contractors. They are most likely able to pay more of their undivided attention to your project, getting it done in a much faster time frame!
Don’t worry about clean-up.
A major reason that people have traditionally chosen spring or summer for renovation projects is the dust or fumes coming from the work area. But guess what! There are fans with negative pressure, plastic zip doors, and ways to seal off heat ducts with a filter in order to confine debris and fumes to the workspace.
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Save on flooring upgrades.
One of the easiest ways to add value to your home is to replace outdated flooring with a more modern, timeless look. At Carpetland USA, we’ve been dedicated to providing superior floors and service since the first Carpetland USA location opened in 1971. Now with 9 locations in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois, you’ll find a flooring store that stands behind our products and our work with the most comprehensive guarantees in the business.
Take a vacation!
Spring and summer are lovely times of the year. There isn’t usually a reason to take off during seasons of sunshine and warmth. Winter, on the other hand, is a great time for a little family vacation in Florida. If you’re going somewhere anyway, contractors can work on your home without interfering in your everyday lives.
Remember to contact Carpetland USA today to select materials for your winter renovation!

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