Makeover your Mantle for New Year’s Eve!

The mantle often goes overlooked when preparing for holiday festivities other than Christmas, yet it really is the star of the living room. Check out these home décor styling tips for mantles to pull your New Year’s Eve look together.
Go vintage and whimsical by using clocks
When the clock strikes midnight, we will welcome another year of life! Play on your guests’ anticipation of watching Times Square’s annual ball-drop, and adorn your mantle in vintage clocks. Guests will love reminiscing over the past year in front of the clocks, while warming their hands over a cozy fire.
For some extra fun, set your clocks to different time zones, so every hour there’s a reason to toast!
Rustic banners and silver floral pieces highlight the beauty of winter
Winter can be incredibly harsh for many, if not most, people. Despite the dark days filled with cold snow and bitter air, winter can be a time of great joy as well! Silver floral pieces and rustic banners remind us of these joyful times. Decorating your mantle in these cheery selections will remind your guests of the beauty of winter; cuddling up with family and friends in front of the warm fire is a memory to last a lifetime!
Spell it out!
Pull those old frames out of storage and fill them with numbers to spell out the upcoming year. For an easy DIY upgrade, spray paint your frames with a metallic gold or silver and use your own illustrative talent to create the numbers! Use any additional frames and spell out your family’s last name to keep on top of the mantle throughout the rest of the year.
No matter which décor advice you decide to take, your mantle will complete your overall look for a New Year’s Eve party! Now you’re officially ready to welcome in the new year!
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