Remodel in the Winter!

The majority of people assume that remodeling your home during a warmer season is the best time to give your home a much needed upgrade. There are several benefits to remodeling your home in winter that can help you transform your home into the dream house you always wanted. Look to some of these tips to transform your home this winter season:

  • Save that Money!- Reduced prices are everywhere during the winter. Stores and manufacturers are making room for spring inventory and need to get stuff out! Take advantage of the low prices and buy all of your needs for current and future projects. Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with new appliances, vanitys, vinyl flooring and save that money!
  • Flooring Upgrades- Replacing your old, worn-down flooring with something modern can quickly add value to your home. Look to Carpetland USA for tile flooring that is affordable and fits your needs.
  • Flexiblity- Summer months are when everyone is looking to get projects and renovations done, which means your projects could drag on. Contracters tend to be slower during the winter months which means your project could get done in a much faster time frame.
  • No stress no mess!- Spring or summer is typically chosen because of the possible dust or fumes coming from the work area. But with things like plastic zip doors, sealed off heating ducts with a filter, and other equipment, it’s easy to contain all the debris and fumes to your workspace.
  • Vacation- No one wants to vacation during spring and summer, it’s already beautiful outside! Consider taking a vacation in winter, maybe somewhere tropical? While on vacation you can have contractors work on your home while you’re away, not interfering your everyday life while you soak up the sun on the beach.

Remodeling can be a long and expensive process. Being able to reduce some of the stress can save you money and can make it all worthwhile. Consider doing renovations in the winter to save yourself some hassle. Remodel your home in winter and open it up in spring and summer when your renovations are complete!
Thinking about adding in new flooring, but everything seems expensive? Check out our specials page on our website to find the newest deals on a variety of flooring options. Carpetland USA has several affordable options that will place your home above the rest! Come see us for your carpeting and flooring needs, and don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page for more home inspiration!

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