Elevate Your Work from Home Experience

The WFH (work from home) era has taken the workforce by storm over the years. In a place full of constant distraction, are you wondering how to elevate your office space so you can remain focused? Investing in a home office space that is professional, yet comfortable is necessary to creating a successful work mindset while not surrounded by the in-office culture. Here are a few ways to improve your in-home office.

Work in Comfort and Style

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. You spend hours parked in your seat, so invest in a comfortable chair that keeps you sitting up straight. Be sure it provides proper back support and a headrest to support your neck. 

Add plenty of blankets, or if space allows, add a couch to your work space to lounge while you work. Let your personality shine through the little details, such as accent chairs and pillows so you can work in comfort and style! 

Implement Practical Storage

Keeping your office organized can be a chore, but practical storage can keep your office organized and simplified. Proper storage can allow you to get organized and achieve maximum work space, so craft a storage setup that meets your work needs. Whether it’s building custom shelves or a simple file cabinet, once your storage allows you full-time access to your resources, workflow is much smoother. 

work from home office space

Distract-Proof Flooring

Have back-to-back meetings and can’t seem to find a quiet space? Your flooring plays a big role in noise reduction with conference calls and coworker chats. Consider adding new flooring to your office to change its look. 

One of the best options to keep the hustle and bustle of your home out of your working space is vinyl flooring, an inexpensive way to add some prestige to your work space. Sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring can create a smooth, elegant look for your home office that meets your budget needs, adding durability and moisture resistance to your highly trafficked area. Let us help you find which works best for your office.

Looking for more ways to spruce up your home office? Our experts at any of our nine locations are ready to help you elevate your work from home experience.

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