How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Space

Who’s ready to fully embrace all the glory of summer? This summer, upgrade your outdoor living space, and enjoy the summer weather in style with these tips on how to create the ultimate outdoor space!
Establish Traffic Patterns
When creating a great outdoor living space, establishing a traffic pattern is a must. Without traffic patterns, you risk ruining your landscaping or confusing your guests. To build traffic patterns, you can either install formal walkways with stones or bricks, or you could also plant trees or shrubs to establish corners and boundaries.  
Traffic Patterns
Include Seating Options
Include as many seating options as you can in your outdoor space—benches, chairs, stools and even pillows are all great options. The more seating options you have, the more comfortable your guests will feel, and the more entertaining you can do. But remember not to include so many seats that your traffic patterns feel crowded and cluttered.
Seating Options
Create a Focal Point
A great outdoor space has one main element. Whether it be a beautiful garden, cozy fireplace, or comfortable seating area, building an outdoor space with one focal point is a surefire way to wow your guests. Whatever focal point you chose, you can then arrange your furniture and other accent pieces around that one element, creating a beautiful, well-thought out space your
whole family can enjoy.
Other picture
Go Color Crazy
An outdoor space is the perfect place to go crazy with colors, patterns and textures; experiment with bright accessories that you wouldn’t normally use in your home. Lots of color will boost your space’s visual appeal and add a touch of personality and fun!
Are you loving your outdoor space? For more tips on how to turn your backyard into the ultimate summer oasis, check out our Backyard Beauty board on Pinterest!

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