Shoe Lovers: Here’s Why Shoes Off Inside is Best

What’s your primary reason for loving fall? Are you on Team Pumpkin Spice or maybe Team Great New Fall Boots?

If you land on Team Great New Fall Boots, chances are you’re sporting those hot new kicks at home, at work and on the town. So, think of all of the ‘stuff’ your Great New Fall Boots carry into your home and across your carpets and floors. Eeew! 

Bacteria and Other Toxins

Whether your morning routine starts in the yoga studio, at the local coffee shop or walking the dog, when you return home, your shoes carry remnants of every stop you made along the way.

Busy cafes, public restrooms, gas stations, the grocery store, even the PTA Meeting are all represented in the bacteria, pesticides and other contaminants we carry into our homes when we don’t leave our shoes at the door. It’s gross, but more importantly, it’s also scientifically risky according to a recent article in The Guardian.

Some of the disease-causing organisms we carry inside our homes from the bottoms of our shoes are drug-resistant. Illnesses caused by these contaminants can be very difficult to treat and the severity is compounded with exposure to cancer-causing toxins like road residue and lawn treatments. 

Protect Baby’s Play Space

Think of the little ones and your fur babies who make your home’s floors their play space. Play and exploration often means little hands go from the toy on the floor directly into the mouth. Make sure your little people are as safe as possible by removing shoes at or near the entry door to minimize exposure to harmful contaminants.

Going Barefoot Benefits Your Health

Aside from the scientific evidence supporting leaving our footwear at the door, medical experts praise the many benefits of walking barefoot. Better balance, increased strength and stability, and stronger muscles are all attributed to simply walking barefoot. 

Protect Your Floors

Not to rain on the Great New Fall Boots parade, but it really does seem quite obvious that shoes off when inside is indeed best. Not only does removing your shoes prevent unnecessary toxins and bacteria from entering your living space, but it’s also less stressful on your floors.

The more grip and traction your shoes have, the more opportunities there are to drag in sand, dirt, rocks, oil, chemicals, etc. These materials can damage your floors by scratching and staining, which could cause you to replace them sooner than you’d like. Lucky for you, the solution is simply—take off your shoes at the door!

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