Relaxation Right Out Your Door

Close your eyes. It’s 8pm on a cool June evening. You can hear crickets, feel the condensation of a cool drink in your hand, you’re immediately relaxed.
If a simple, relaxing backyard space is your fantasy, we get it! At Carpetland USA, we love providing our customers with incredible floors for every room in their house. But, we also cherish fresh air and know outdoor spaces are just as important.
Here are some of our ideas to make your back patio the place to be!
Seating. This is an obvious must-have for your patio. But, you can dress up your table and chairs! There are many quality spray paints available that are meant for outdoor furniture. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color! If painting your furniture seems overwhelming, try patterned throw pillows or table runners to bring some punch to your patio.
LightsLights. The size and layout of your space will determine what kind of lighting is feasible. Lights are an essential part of your patio whether it’s a DIY lantern or string lights to make the space seem airy. Having a well-lit area will allow you to spend even more time outside and set the tone for an evening with loved ones! Check out our Pinterest page for inspiration!
GreeneryGreenery. You can make your patio seem cozier by adding greenery and flowers! Plants evoke a sense of relaxation and calm, making them perfect for your outdoor retreat. Stone planters with plenty of character can anchor your patio while hanging baskets of colorful flowers can add balance and create depth.
However you bring your style to your patio, just remember to relax. Living in the Midwest means we only have a few months to relish in warm weather. So, take time to enjoy and relax in the great outdoors!

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