You Can Work From Home

More than 25% of people in the United States do some or all of their work from home. Sometimes it’s hard to be our most productive in our house because we think of it as a place for relaxation and spending time with loved ones. It’s important to designate a place in your home for […]

A Teenager’s World

So you have a teenager. We’ve all been there. Teenagers are up on all the latest trends in fashion, pop culture, and design. That means, they probably don’t find their childhood bedroom so ‘cute’ anymore. If your teen is ready to have a bedroom upgrade that’s a bit more stylish, we can help you! Every […]

Relaxation Right Out Your Door

Close your eyes. It’s 8pm on a cool June evening. You can hear crickets, feel the condensation of a cool drink in your hand, you’re immediately relaxed. If a simple, relaxing backyard space is your fantasy, we get it! At Carpetland USA, we love providing our customers with incredible floors for every room in their […]