A Teenager’s World

So you have a teenager. We’ve all been there. Teenagers are up on all the latest trends in fashion, pop culture, and design. That means, they probably don’t find their childhood bedroom so ‘cute’ anymore.
If your teen is ready to have a bedroom upgrade that’s a bit more stylish, we can help you!
Every teen is trying to find their style and their bedroom design is a great way for them to express that! Within reason…
TeenagerStart with the walls. Paint color is the quickest way to change the atmosphere in the room. This might be a good time to get input from your teen! Bold colors will completely change the room.
Remove what isn’t working. If you’re redoing your teen’s room it’s a great opportunity to declutter and rethink the space. Spring cleaning old clothes, blankets, or childhood furniture will give you a blank slate!
Consider functionality. A teen’s room, if space allows, should have room for storage and a place to do homework. Helping teens stay organized during this time of their lives is important.
A laminate floor. Teenagers aren’t exactly known for their tidiness. Pull up the carpet and lay down a floor that can mimic any style you want! It’s easy to clean and it’s stain resistant.
All of the tips we’ve given you are created to make design transitions easier in the future. Watching your teen grow up is an exciting time. But, we all know how difficult those teenage years can be at times. Giving them a bedroom where they can feel inspired and comfortable is possible in a few short steps!
If you need any help re-designing your space, come see us at Carpetland USA! There are also ideas to get your inspired on our Pinterest page!

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