Our Carpet Remnant Buying Guide

While some people may assume that carpet remnants are carpet pieces that are out of style or damaged goods, that is not the case. Carpet remnants are simply the remaining carpet balance on a stock roll of carpet that is 20′ or less in most cases.

One of the first things to do when choosing to use a carpet remnant is to know the square footage of the space you are looking to cover or any additional details you want to discuss with a flooring expert. You can find carpet remnants that can fill an entire 12 x 10 foot room.   

Carpet Remnants are Affordable

Carpet remnants can be a gold mine of savings. Carpet remnants are a budget-friendly solution for carpeting needs, but it’s important to know what to expect when purchasing a carpet remnant.   

The Best Spaces for Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants have numerous uses. You can use carpet remnants in small bedrooms or offices if the roll is large enough. 

With larger remnants available at Carpetland, you can create cozy and welcome environments in designated spaces.    

remnants for dorm room

Dorm Room Floors

It’s move-in month for college students! And, one of the best ways to make a dorm room feel more comfortable is soft carpet underfoot. Typical area rugs can be small or thin. Carpet remnants offer an easy and cost-effective method for creating a warm and unique environment for your dorm room. You can choose the right size you need and have thicker cushioning under your feet. 


Another great space for carpet remnants is an unfinished basement. It makes the hard floor safer for children to play on by providing traction and cushion. Make a playhouse more fun when you put a carpet remnant under it. Create designated play areas with different carpet remnant colors. Or, if you’re looking for an easy update to warm up a basement “man cave”, a carpet remnant can make it feel more like a living room. Overall, carpet remnants make unfinished spaces more inviting. 

remnants for pets

Areas with Pets

If you have pets, carpet remnants can be your solution. For cats, carpet remnants provide for great coverage on scratching posts. Or for dogs, you can place a piece under water bowls or in dog houses to create more comfort.

Garage Floors

You can also utilize carpet remnants in garages to protect your garage floor. Carpet remnants work great for welcome rugs to wipe off your shoes. Or, place a larger carpet remnant in your workspace where heavy tools and machines are kept. If you accidentally drop something, it will prevent damage to the garage floor. 

remnants to protect floors

Floor Protection

Smaller carpet remnants are great under exercise equipment like lifting benches or ellipticals. You can use pieces to move heavy furniture, but you can also use carpet remnants to prevent your floor from being scratched. 

How Carpetland USA Can Help You

All of Carpetland USA’s showrooms have a huge selection of carpet remnants that have recently been discounted. It’s a quick trip to our showroom to conveniently choose the remnant and walk out with it that day. Purchasing a carpet remnant is a quick and easy solution to adding new carpet to a space. There is no waiting period for your carpet order. 

Visit Carpetland USA today!

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