What Is the Best Flooring for Stairs?

Stairways are high-traffic zones, so choosing an appropriate flooring type is critical. As stairs transition between different floor levels that may feature different types of flooring, the type of flooring you choose for your stairs should coordinate with both floors. 

The Top Choice of Flooring for Stairs

The best flooring choice for stairs in your home is carpet. When it comes to quality carpet, it’s best to choose the best option that will work for your budget. 

Peace and Quiet 

Stairs benefit from softer flooring options, so you aren’t constantly hearing people walk up and down the stairs. The best hardwood floors are beautiful and robust, but even the most durable hardwood flooring is liable to sound anytime you climb up it. 

Carpet has great sound dampening qualities where you can quietly walk up and down stairs, ideal for parents with young children. 


Safety is key. Carpet offers extra traction and cushions the impact forces on your feet, back and joints. Even the least comfortable carpet is softer than hardwood floors, and it’s usually more affordable.


As one of the main pathways in your home, staircases need to be able to withstand high impacts and constant use, especially when you consider the force of gravity as guests ascend and descend the stairs. This may mean you will want to pick different flooring and think long-term and invest in something that will last. 

Berber carpet is threaded to be the best high traffic carpet for stairs. Its durability allows it to handle daily wear and tear like a champ, and like any type of carpet, the color and pattern options are nearly limitless. Since this isn’t a very popular option, a decent cut pile carpet is a great option.

What Type of Carpet Should You Choose?

Now that you understand the reasons to install durable carpet on your stairways, many people are unsure of whether to choose thick or thin carpet.

This or That: Low or Medium Pile?

You will want to choose carpet with low or medium pile. Deep-pile carpet offers more cushion for level flooring, but it can throw you off balance on stairs where you don’t want to lose your balance. 

Cut or Loop Pile?

The individual fibers of cut pile are cut at the ends for comfier feel and plusher appearance. But, the fibers of loop carpets are threaded to back into the carpet backing to create little loops. The result is more durable but less comfort. Since loop carpets are more durable, they are better option for stairs. This is why some choose berber carpet. But, our flooring experts can help you choose a durable cut carpet for your staircase. 

Thick or Thin Carpet Pad?

Hand in hand with this, you will want to ensure you choose a thin and firm carpet pad. Thicker carpet pads absorb more impact force, so they might extend your carpet’s lifespace because they face less wear and tear, so finding the right balance is important. 

How Your Local Flooring Experts Can Help

Carpetland experts can help you choose the right carpet option for your staircase. You can also explore stair runner options. Stair runners segment each step on a staircase into thirds and use a different type of flooring through the center path to create a more elaborate design. 

This also works well in transitioning between two different types of flooring types on different levels. Let our flooring experts help you determine the right option for you.

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If you’re looking to update your stairway with the best type of flooring, contact Carpetland USA.

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