What Flooring is Best for Homes with Pets?

As a major feature in your home’s overall look and feel, you want to ensure you are choosing a flooring solution that best fits your lifestyle, including your pets! To aide you on your quest to find the perfect pet-friendly floor, here’s a list of good and bad flooring solutions to choose from: Great Flooring […]

The Four Factors to Consider when Choosing Carpet for Your Home

With so many different colors, materials and designs available, choosing the right carpeting for your home can be a difficult task. When deciding which type of carpet to install, there are four main factors you need to consider: lifestyle, budget, maintenance and style. Consider lifestyle The type of carpeting you choose for your home depends […]

Do this, not that: Area rugs

An area rug has the potential to make or break a room’s aesthetic appeal. Used to define a space and unify the furnishings around it, an area rug helps a room feel complete and contributes to the overall flow of a room’s feng shui. Learn about the best ways to incorporate an area rug into […]

Just Relax!

There’s a world of information available on the many reasons why we all need to take a moment to chill out. As a society, we’re living increasingly fast-paced lives, and that’s why it’s incredibly important not only to make time for relaxation, but also – to make space for relaxation. Creating a relaxing space is […]

If It’s Not Carpet, It’s Hard-Surface Flooring …

And it’s so much more than hardwood or tile! When we say “hard-surface flooring,” many people immediately think of hardwood or tile. But hard-surface flooring is comprised of much more than those two floor types. In this blog post, we’ll take a moment to discuss all that “hard-surface” has to offer—including hardwood and tile, as […]

The New Carpetland USA Blog—Created Just For You

Welcome to the Carpetland USA Blog—just the latest resource we’ve created for our valued customers. On our blog, you’ll find information on soft and hard-surface flooring, tips for decorating your home, fun projects to do yourself or with family, and information on special events in your neighborhood. At Carpetland USA, we’ve been serving Eastern Iowa […]