Makeover your Mantle for New Year’s Eve!

The mantle often goes overlooked when preparing for holiday festivities other than Christmas, yet it really is the star of the living room. Check out these home décor styling tips for mantles to pull your New Year’s Eve look together. Go vintage and whimsical by using clocks When the clock strikes midnight, we will welcome […]

How to Choose and Place an Area Rug in Your Home

An area rug is the perfect tool to update a room or personalize a rental space, but finding the perfect one for your space can sometimes be a difficult task. When shopping for an area rug, keep in mind where you’ll be using it, what colors you want, what type of texture you desire and […]

8 Great Tips for Year-Round Romance

What’s better for inspiring romance than turning up the volume of romantic décor in your home? Incorporate a few of the following eight tips into your home, and we’re certain you’ll be happy with the result! Soft, Muted Neutrals Color that shifts only slightly, in similar shadings, exudes a quiet, romantic elegance that is easy […]

Fall Into Cozy Spaces

The idea of a “cozy” home has particular appeal now, as we’ve entered the fullness of the fall season. Yet, the process of “cozying” one’s space remains baffling for some. Fortunately, Carpetland USA is here to help you figure it out—with three things that will help you make your home feel warm and relaxed. Comfortable Furniture Comfortable […]

Do this, not that: Area rugs

An area rug has the potential to make or break a room’s aesthetic appeal. Used to define a space and unify the furnishings around it, an area rug helps a room feel complete and contributes to the overall flow of a room’s feng shui. Learn about the best ways to incorporate an area rug into […]

Just Relax!

There’s a world of information available on the many reasons why we all need to take a moment to chill out. As a society, we’re living increasingly fast-paced lives, and that’s why it’s incredibly important not only to make time for relaxation, but also – to make space for relaxation. Creating a relaxing space is […]

Color Scheming: Choosing a Palette that Works for Your Home

For some, choosing a color palette is a frightening endeavor—but it shouldn’t be! Color is meant to enhance the architecture and design of your home, and it can do wonders to improve your home’s aesthetics, when used correctly. Below are a few tips that we’re sure will help you in your color scheming. Look into […]